Van Gogh Starry Night Tea Mug W/Infuser and Lid


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    Who says a good tea mug has to be clunky? A good quality tea mug can also make the cup of tea taste better. This particular tea mug features with an attractive art design of "Starry Night" pattern by Old Master Vincent van Gogh and is made of fine bone china - beautiful, strong, elegant and good quality. It is also functional, light weight and easy to clean. It comes with a good tea infuser, the holes of the tea strainer are small enough so that the tea leaves will not fall right through, while the infuser is deep allowing tea to steep properly. What's more, this mug has a tapered bottom. The lid can be use as a coaster or as a tea caddy.Using a tea mug can be very convenient and practical if you only want to make a single cup of tea instead of brewing a full pot. 

    • Capacity: 450ml or 15.2 oz
    • Height: 4.5" 
    • Width: 3.5"
    • Set includes Tea mug, tea lid and stainless steel tea strainer
    • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

    About The Artist:

    Vincent van Gogh            (1853-1890)

    Van Gogh’s paintings provide a scintillating, vivid view of casual scenes and subjects. Visually unique in his time, Van Gogh’s work went unappreciated during his life but has since become among the most recognizable and beloved art in the world.

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