The McIntosh Mugs Story

The quality of your mug should match the quality of your coffee!




Peter McIntosh, President

Welcome to, the official online home of McIntosh Fine Bone China Coffee & Tea Mugs, where we've been providing quality mugs for over a century. Our mission is simple: to make mugs that perfectly complement the quality of your beverage. 


At McIntosh, we believe your mug should be just as special as the drink you pour into it. That's why we use only fine bone china to create strong, durable, and stylish mugs. And with designs inspired by the works of some of the world's most talented artists and our contemporary designs, you're sure to find a mug that matches your personal sense of style.

Our History

It all started with a tabletop and coffee shop in 1906 on Bank Street in Ottawa known as McIntosh & Watts, which is still going strong to this day in its current location at 855 Industrial Avenue. Over the decades we've changed and evolved, but have stayed true to our core purpose of providing quality products for the home to be used, enjoyed, and cherished.

McIntosh Today

At McIntosh, we believe that the best things in life are simple. That's why our mugs are designed to be both functional and beautiful, built to last and withstand everyday use. And because we use fine bone china, our mugs are whiter, more translucent, and thinner than regular porcelain mugs, making your coffee and tea taste even better.


So whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a tea aficionado, we invite you to explore our selection of mugs and experience the difference that a McIntosh mug can make.  


Thank you for choosing McIntosh, where quality and style go hand in hand.